Get Genetic With It

Below is my entry to the Evolution Film Contest.


Every year our university opens its doors to high school students, so that they can get an idea of what postgraduates do within each lab. My intention with this video is to open our lab doors to a much wider audience and offer a view into my world as a PhD student studying conservation genetics. I wanted to make a video that is not only fun to watch, but also describes the basic theories and methodologies used within molecular ecology. I also wanted to highlight different sub-divisions of genetics so that viewers can get a sense of the diversity within the field.

Ultimately my hope is that genetics will not longer be a topic that “Students Just Don’t Understand” * wink wink to my Fresh Prince fans *

This video could not have happened without the support of my supervisor, fellow lab members, and Stellenbosch University. And special thanks to all those who agreed to wiggle in front of the camera!

Enjoy and feel free to comment!