Erica S. Nielsen

Selected Publications

We found that four different genetic metrics selected approximately similar conservation‐priority areas, and that fewer priority areas were selected for conservation plans based solely on habitat data than on plans including habitat and genetic data. Largely, our results suggest that multispecies genetic conservation objectives are vital to creating protected‐area networks that appropriately preserve community‐level evolutionary patterns.
In Conservation Biology, 2017

Recent Publications

. Distinct interspecific and intraspecific vulnerability of coastal species to global change. In Glob Change Biol, 2021.

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. Multi-model seascape genomics identifies distinct environmental drivers of selection among sympatric marine species. In BMC Evol Biol, 2020.

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. Complex signatures of genomic variation of two non-model marine species in a homogeneous environment. In BMC Genomics, 2018.

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. Multispecies genetic objectives in spatial conservation planning. In Conservation Biology, 2017.

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Courses in which I aided teaching at Stellenbosch University:

  • Cell Biology (1st year course)
  • Functional Biology (1st year course)
  • Evolutionary Patterns & Processes (3rd year course)
  • Ecology Field Course (3rd year course)
  • Population genomics in R (Honours practical session)
  • Science Communication (Honours short course)